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Key Features of Panasonic Developer RZ Series CS/CU-RZ42XKR

  • Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerant
  • Bacteria Filtration
  • Stay Warm/Cool with Faster, Further Airflow
  • Varies Compressor’s Rotation Speed for Higher Energy Savings
  • Upto 20% Energy Saving
  • Heating capacity: 5.1kw,  Cooling capacity 4.2kw
  • Room Suitability: Perfect for small to large lounges (25 to 35 m2)
  • Warranty: 5 years of parts and labour
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Elevating Comfort in Hamilton: Discover Panasonic Developer RZ Series – CS/CU-RZ42XKR

As seasons change in Hamilton, New Zealand, maintaining a comfortable home environment becomes a priority for many. The PANASONIC DEVELOPER RZ SERIES – CS/CU-RZ42XKR, designed for small to large lounges and rooms ranging from 25 to 35 m2, offers an optimal solution. This article explores how this heat pump/air conditioner not only promises efficient heating and cooling but also embodies energy savings, advanced air purification, and sleek design, assuring a significant upgrade to your home comfort system.

Unpacking the Panasonic Developer RZ Series – CS/CU-RZ42XKR

Features at a Glance

  • Room Suitability: Perfect for small to large lounges (25 to 35 m2)
  • Heating and Cooling Capacity: 5.1KW heating, 4.2KW cooling
  • Warranty: 5 years of parts and labour

Suitable Room Sizes Explained

Understanding the importance of choosing the right heat pump/air conditioner for your space ensures maximum comfort and efficiency.

Key Features in Detail

Environmentally-friendly Refrigerant

Delve into how Panasonic prioritizes the planet with its choice of refrigerant that minimizes environmental impact.

Bacteria Filtration and nanoeX Technology

Explore the health benefits provided by advanced filtration and Panasonic’s unique nanoeX technology, which purifies the air in your home.

Faster, Further Airflow and Aero Slim Design

Discuss how design innovation contributes to more efficient air distribution and a stylish addition to your space.

Energy Efficiency Mastered

Break down the energy-saving features like inverter technology, and economy mode, and how they translate to savings on your energy bills.

Quiet Mode and User Convenience

Highlight the importance of a peaceful home environment and the convenience of features like quiet mode and wireless remote control.


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