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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Heat pump / air conditioner is a device that regulates the room temperature to reach at a comfortable and suiting conditions by heating (increasing temperature) or cooling (decreasing temperature) according to the requirement. It works by consuming electricity as the power source but with high energy efficiency as compared to other sources of heating / cooling.

Heat Pumps / Air conditioners are today’s world most efficient appliances as:

  • They provide us both heating and cooling with the reverse cycle function.
  • Energy efficient as compared to any other heating cooling sources.
  • Less electricity consumption with best heating/cooling outputs.
  • They are highly convenient because of their remotely control feature with Wi-Fi function
  • They are safe to use as the heat density produced by them is very low which makes it safe for kids.
  • Almost zero harm to the environment
  • They have different modes for different weathers like Cool mode for Summers, Heat mode for Winters, Dehumidifier mode for humid, and Fan for circulating fresh air.
  • Moreover, some brands are even helpful with few medical conditions like Asthma, hay-fever with Quality Air for Life.

Heat pumps / Air conditioners provide us heating in winters by blowing inside room cold air (with the help of an indoor unit fan) on the heat exchanger which has high-pressure hot refrigerant coming from the compressor (outside unit).

Heat pump/ Air conditioners provide us cooling in summer by blowing the inside room hot air (with the help of an indoor unit fan) on the heat exchanger which has low-pressure cold refrigerant coming from the compressor (outside unit).

Heat pump / Air conditioner is as follows

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Ducted systems in the roof cavity or under-house space
  • Ceiling cassettes with four-way airflow
  • Multi room split system

The different modes in the heat pumps / Air conditioners are as          follows:

  • Heat Mode helps to heat the home in winter
  • Cool mode helps to cool the home in the summers
  • Dry mode helps to break down the moisture during humid days/nights specials during the spring season
  • Fan mode only gives us the breeze with no temperature difference to circulate fresh air

Auto mode easily senses with the help of sensors placed in the heat pump / Aircon and provides the suitable temperature (which is not recommended for NZ weather conditions)

Yes, now-a-days most of the heat pumps / Air conditioners are Google and Alexa-enabled.

Yes, you can but not all the heat pumps / Aircons remote controllers can be child proof.

Yes, these days most heat pumps / Air conditioners have different types of technologies to stop allergens causing hay fever. However, the most recommended one is Panasonic due to its 24-hour Air Purification nanoe™X technology that inhibits 5 types of allergens and pollutants causing hay fever.

No heat pumps do not cause stuffiness like other heating sources such as wood or coal unless you operate them on highly unreasonable temperatures (high temperatures that are not required normally).

There are some conditions for this like:

  • For appropriate temperature regulation in homes specially during peak weathers either in winters for heating during June, July, and August or in summer for cooling during December, January, and February.
  • Helpful for people suffering from Asthma, and Hay-fever as it inhibits airborne and adhered pollutants, providing you with better air quality.
  • It deodorizes various types of odours like cigarette, garbage, sweat and BBQ odours.
  • Maintain a healthy and safer indoor environment for your pets.
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