Haier Heat Pump Special Hot Deal Combo Offers

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Key Features

  • Haier Pinnacle AS26PBDHRA – Perfect for Single-Double Bedroom, Suitable for Room Size from 15 to 20 m2, Heating 3.0KW Cooling 2.5KW
  • Haier Pinnacle AS53PDDHRA – Ideal for Medium Lounges and Larger Spaces, Suitable for Room Size from 30 to 40 m2, Heating 5.5KW Cooling 5.0KW
    • Kill Bacteria and Inhibit Further Bacterial Growth on The Surface of The Heat Exchanger
    • Kills Airborne Hazards with More Than 91% Effectiveness
    • Sends Warm/Cool Air Further, as Far as 18 Metres in The 7kW Pinnacle Model
    • Activates When Needed, Reducing The Amount of Dust and Bacteria in The Air
    • Home is Ready to be Connected with The SmartHQ™ App from Haier
    • 5 Years Parts And Labour Warranty
    • Price Incl Installation & GST


Unveiling the Best Home Comfort Offer: Haier Heat Pump Special Hot Deal Combo Offers Your Gateway to Supreme Home Comfort in Hamilton, New Zealand

Hey there, fellow Hamiltonians and tech enthusiasts! Are you keen on upgrading your home comfort systems with something that’s not just effective but also easy on the wallet? Look no further. Today, we’re unravelling the mysteries behind the exclusive Haier Heat Pump Special Hot Deal Combo Offers, particularly spotlighting the marvels of the Haier Pinnacle Series – the AS26PBDHRA and AS53PDDHRA models. These state-of-the-art units are not just about temperature control; they’re about ushering in a new era of home comfort, blending efficiency, style, and smart technology seamlessly into your living space. So, join us on a journey to discover how these hot deals can reinvent your home ambience.

Understanding the Haier Pinnacle Series

The heart of today’s discussion lies in the exceptional qualities of two specific models from the Pinnacle Series, crafted by Haier, a brand synonymous with innovation and reliability in the climate control arena.

The AS26PBDHRA: Perfect for Small Spaces

  • Efficiency Galore: Tailored for room sizes from 15 to 20 m2, this unit ensures your energy bills remain manageable without compromising on performance.
  • Sleek Design: Its minimalist design integrates smoothly into any decor, enhancing your room’s aesthetic without being obtrusive.
  • Smart Features: From app control to humidity regulation, it epitomizes convenience, making home comfort a breeze.

The AS53PDDHRA: Designed for Larger Areas

  • Powerful Performance: Catering to room sizes from 30 to 40 m2, this model stands out for its ability to furnish extensive spaces with balanced heating and cooling, all the while ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Elegant Yet Durable: Beyond its sleek appearance lies a robust construct designed for longevity.
  • Cutting-Edge Tech: Embracing the future with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice command capabilities, it brings the ultimate climate control experience to your fingertips.

Exclusive Combo Deals: A Closer Look
Why pounce on these exclusive combo offers? Because it’s seldom that two powerhouses like the AS26PBDHRA and AS53PDDHRA bundle up in a deal packed with unparalleled benefits – from significant savings to enhanced compatibility and added peace of mind.

Price Advantage

Benefit from premium technology at a fraction of the cost, ensuring your investment brings both comfort and value to your home.

Seamless Integration

Opting for units from the same series guarantees a harmonious operation of your home’s heating and cooling systems, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Tailoring the Offer to Your Needs


Whether you’re jazzing up your nest, eyeing an upgrade to your existing setup, or just vying to stay ahead of Hamilton’s unpredictable weather, there’s something for everyone:

  • For Tech-Savvy Homeowners: Revel in the smart features that meld perfectly with the connected home of today.
  • Energy-Conscious: The efficiency ratings promise lower running costs, making it an eco-friendly choice without skimping on comfort.
  • Design-Oriented: With their sleek, contemporary looks, these units are set to complement your home’s modern flair.

Making the Right Choice: Tips and Considerations


While the allure of the Haier Heat Pump Special Hot Deal Combo Offers is undeniable, making an informed decision requires pondering over your specific needs, the size of your space, your budget, and how much value you place on smart technology. A professional installer can provide bespoke advice, factoring in your home’s layout and local climatic conditions.


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